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“In time the child learns that the stone falls because of gravity; intentions have nothing to do with it. And so a dichotomy is constructed: physical and psychological properties stand opposed to one another in two great systems. The physical is used to understand things, the psychological to understand people and animals. But the computer is a new kind of object — psychological, yet a thing.

Marginal objects, objects with no clear place, play important roles.

On the lines between categories, they draw attention to how we have drawn the lines.
Sometimes in doing so they incite us to reaffirm the lines, sometimes to call them into question, stimulating different distinctions.
They are the growing point for new learning, new theory building.

Computers, as marginal objects on the boundary between the physical and the psychological, force thinking about matter, life, and mind. Children use them to build theories about the animate and the inanimate and to develop their ideas about thought itself.”

-Sherry Turkle,The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit.

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