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Examples of curricula:

WIth your friends, co-construct and narrate a make-believe world. Tell its stories, build physical  its cities in miniature, design a transit system. Extensions: (1) install a functioning electric train system in your world; power the system with solar energy; tinker with electronic sensors to modulate the train’s movement; (2) make up a religion for this world; write its sacred text/s; what are the schismatizing features of the religion?

In Scratch (or any other medium) design a mindfulness app. What data will you input? How will the app benefit the user? Design a a make believe “smart watch” (also in Scratch) and install the app (i.e., situate it in your watch). Extension: using your Scratch-based app as a proof of concept, design a saleable, functioning mindfulness app.

With your friends, make an album of music, mixing real instruments and those of your own making. How can you thoughtfully tinker with audio equipment? Find inspiration in the sound effects and mixing techniques of your favorite music. Extension: photograph an album cover for the music record developed by you, your friends, or a favorite musician.

In spreadsheets, design a simple, make believe business (e.g., a lemonade stand). How many data tables and workbooks do you need to make sense of your business? What can one learn from these data? Extensions: (1) write a plan for expanding the business into a second industry; support your plan with data from your workbooks; (2) recreate the spreadsheets in an alternative operating system using different spreadsheets software; protect the sheets from user error; write a “user’s guide” for a make believe buyer of the business.

Build a web site to document and in other ways narrate your making experiences (in any curriculum).

Other services

We design learning experiences for cohorts of children learning computer programming skills together. Working in partnership with parents and guardians, we will build a cohort for supporting playful collaboration among peers. Through our network of teachers, we are able to support learning in almost any programming language. 

For parents mapping a path to a future school, we have tutors specializing in areas of test preparation, essay writing, and admissions for private schools, college/university, and graduate programs.

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