Cambridge Massachusetts


Our mission is to help children of all ages identify as artists, mathematicians, makers, storytellers, coders and problem-solvers.

We believe self-authorship is central to a child’s learning and development. We therefore help cultivate a mindset in which the child narrates her own story about why she does (or doesn’t) care about her learning, and why and how the things she learns “about” are significant.

We believe that children (and adults) learn best — and are most likely to continue in self-directed education — when they are encouraged to explore and make sense of things they love, or things they think with (sometimes called “evocative objects”).
We wish that all children could engage in these forms of learning.

We also strive to address and redress equity and inclusion gaps in our educational systems. For this reason, we volunteer in our public school system and freely share our ideas and learning provocations.

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