Cambridge Massachusetts

What We Do

We work on the border of wayfinding and wonder in a metaphorical “laboratory” of media, texts, and philosophical traditions.

We are a group of educators, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with expertise in early childhood education, computer science, humanities, curriculum design, and the history of education.

We offer private and group tutoring for children of early elementary age through high school.

Our curricula are play-based, curiosity-fueled, responsive, open-ended,  technologically reflective and philosophically introspective. We almost always also work at a deep level on developing skills in or around a programming language, robotics medium, or art tradition.

Our growing network of tutors has expertise in an array of subjects.

The materials and media we work with include:

Computer programming languages: Scratch, Snap!, dynamic spreadsheets, C++, JavaScript, Python, R, Java & other languages

Physical Computing: Arduino microcontrollers, Chibitronics, BBC micro:bit, Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, LEGO Robotics, littleBits, Makey Makey

Low Voltage Electronics: paper circuitry, switches and potentiometers, sensors, solar power, turbines/ DC and servo motors, N and HO gauge trains, audio tinkering (theremin, electric guitar)

Visual Art Media: digital and analog photography (medium format, 35mm and APS-C), portfolio curation, oil sticks, other drawing media

Textual analysis and exploration: analog book art, web & text scraping, data visualization

We teach locally and around the planet, in person and online, at all hours (scheduled well in advance).

Social and emotional learning, like academic content and powerful skills, are woven into our curricula. Read more here.

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